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A Taste of the Mediterranean

In the Mediterranean, the measure of life is how well you enjoy yourself.


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Wine is not only a part of every meal; it’s a part of life.

Bottles of wine CATALUNYA

René Barbier captures the Charm of the Mediterranean

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These fresh, modern wines from the Catalunya region of Spain are affordable, simple and a delight to the palate. René Barbier Mediterranean Wines are renowned worldwide for their fresh, clean flavors and their easy‐drinking style.

Enjoyed for their casual, fruit-forward flavors, René Barbier's Mediterranean White and Red pair beautifully with everyday, lighter cuisine.

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Try any of these delicious cocktail and sangria recipes for the perfect leisurely afternoon or while enjoying the company of friends.

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In 1870, the phylloxera plague devastated the vineyards of France, including those of the Barbier family.
Léon Barbier, the son of the vineyard owners eventually settled in Catalunya, Spain in the 1880's to start a new winery.

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